Peace Through Justice

"PagaNegro: The Rage Of The Slaves"

Premiere Book In The "PagaNegro Book" Series

"The Time For Justice Is At Hand..."

After 500 hundred years of opression of brutilization, justive for the descendants of slaves is not at hand. These descendants are none other than the PagaNegro. In the middle of a peaceful Juneteeth celebration, a young Black girl was senseleslly by the hands of a rogue police officer. And in that moment of blazing anger and fury by the Black ongoers, the cosmic balance shifts from the opressor to the opressed...to that of the PagaNegro.

Just who exactly are the PagaNegro and who are the these special ancestoral forces that have come to answer their cries? Find out in the pages of "PagaNegro," a parnormal, supernatural, science fiction novel unlike any other. PagaNegro is published exclusively by Out Of The Ashes Publications.

"PagaNegro," is yet another interesting and captivating book series created by SilverWing, the literary master. More groundbreaking sequels are on the way.

Peace Through Justice

Is the meaning and the quest of the PagaNegro, the descendents of slaves whom after centuries of oppression, finally have reached the divine balace of reciprocity.

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