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Let The Chase Begin...

"Ajah's Kiss: The Chase - Part One"

Premiere Book In The "Ajah's Kiss" Series

"A Love Beyond Human Comprehension"

Eternals...walk among us. They look human...but they are not. Welcome to the world of the Eternals, cosmic beings whose origins are largely a mystery even to the Primes and Eternals themselves. In fact, an unactivated Eternal may not even know that he/she is an Eternal. But, once the eyes of an Eternal pair meet, there can no longer be any question of their purpose, the very reason why they draw breath. That is to love each other better and more intensely than they ever have before.

"Ajah's Kiss: The Chase - Part One," follows the activation between Sebastian, one of the wealthiest men in the world and king of the island nation, Ignilla, and Ajah, owner of a modest book store in Winston, California. Mourning the death of his father, Prime Sebastian, looks across a very busy street, straight into the eyes of his Eternal activating a love so great there is no obstacle it cannot overcome; no hurt it cannot survive. His heart no longer belongs to him, it is entirely hers and from that moment on his total focus in life is having her by his side and making sure she never cries. But, Ajah, though activated as well, has been severely damaged by the circumstances of her life is terrified of love and runs as hard as she can to escape it.

But Eternal love will not be stopped by anything. Absolutely nothing. As Sebastian gains more knowledge about his cosmic origins and begins to win over Ajah, he also soon learns that not only does Ajah hold special secrets, but that both he and Ajah are extraordinary, even among Eternals. Enter the world of the Eternals through the pages of Ajah’s Kiss. You may never want to leave. Ajah's Kiss: The Chase, part one is available now.






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