The Trials Have Begun

"Black Viking: The Trials Of King Dane"

Premiere Book In The "Black Viking" Series

"King Dane...The One Decreed By The Gods"

From the beginning of time, and from the creation of the Earth Gods; Amon, god of the Kush and Odin, god of the Vikings, the Kush people and the Vikings have been in perpetual war in the name of their Father Gods , Amon, the God of the Night & The Ancient African, Kush civilization, and Odin, God of the Day and the fierce Norse people, went to war due to jealousy and envy of each other and a need for one to prove himself better than the other. During the contest of skills, the Celestial Gods became so enamored of the beauty of Amon that Odin became inflamed with jealous rage. His plot for revenge was the catalyst that set into motion all of the events that caused the coming of the Black Viking, the One decreed by the Superior Gods to save Humanity..

The Superior God & Creator of Amon, catches wind of the plot and prepares Amon. For countless eons, and even longer, Amon & Odin have been locked in a battle to the death, and as a consequence, so have their human children, the Vikings and the Kush. Finally, no longer able to stand by and allow the mindless destruction of their beloved "Erth," the Supreme Gods, creators of all, strip Amon & Odin of their prized weapons, the Amon Staff and The Odin Blade, and thus begins a trial impossible for any mortal man, the acquisition of the two cosmic weapons. According to the decree of the Supreme Gods, only one man, the son of a Viking King, and a descendant of Amon...can prove himself worthy of the trials of the Gods, to reclaim Amon's staff and Odin's Blade. That man is Dane,"The Black Viking." Conceived by the Viking king, Arn the Fearless and Kasaqa, Elder Goddess of the Celestial Realm, he is “Divinity in the for f Man, the only man capable of saving the world.






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