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The more things change, the more things are better because they've stayed the same. That couldn't be more true for the one of the kind original, literary works by Out Of The Ashes Publications. Our one of a kind novels and fiction books, span many genres. If you are into romance and affairs of the heart, you can’t go wrong with one of the many romance book series in “The Saga Of The Eternals.” The first series is “Ajah’s Kiss,” which introduces us to The Eternals with Sebastian, a young Ignillan King, mourning the death of his father. Then in one moment, the real purpose of his life comes into focus before his eyes...loving his eternal, Ajah.

The “Death Blood & Love,” series is a direct sequel to “Ajah’s Kiss,” and marks another list of romantic novels to read. "Death Blood & Love" centers around Prime Intensity, Sebastian’s older brother. Then you have “Broken Doll,” the original prequel to “The Saga Of The Eternals,” and another set of love novels to read.

The world of fantasy books gets a new hero with “The Black Viking” book series which pushes the envelope of the sword & sorcery genre. Read the birth of a brand new vampire with Jaayla Knight, a daughter of darkness, ego & light.

Classic science fiction stories and science fiction books gets a re birth in the pages of the blockbuster, sci fi book series, Cory, which takes the genre of science fiction books to new heights. In addition to these blockbuster books, Out of The Ashes Publications is always in the process of penning new books. You will also find the audio book versions to each one of these hit novels.

Rain or shine, there's a treasure and pure joy to be found in the pages of our books. We thank you for stopping by and we invite you to fall in love with each one of these book treasures and of course to take home a permanent friend. “Dare To Be Bold,” and “Return To Creativity.”

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