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Master author, world traveler, SilverWing is the proprietor and the inspirations, behind Out Of The Ashes Publications.
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Discover new worlds through the magnetic, and riveting words from SilverWing.
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Constrained to no specific genre, SilverWing evokes emotion and stirs imagination across all the genres.
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The Master Author

Entrepreneur, World Traveler, Naturalist and Music Enthusiast; the journey of SilverWing to literary master, is both unique and inspiring. Born in Connecticut, SilverWing, at a very young age, became enchanted with literature and words. SilverWing read everything she could get her hands on, including comic books, magazines, encyclopedias, Edgar Allen Poe, poetry and more. With equal enthusiasm for all, SilverWing made her way through fantasy, romance, science fiction, mythology, mystery, gothic tales and supernatural genres, thereby exposing herself to many different authors, writing styles and philosophies.

Before long, SilverWing, herself, began to write. She soon learned that, when attempting to write, a cloud of inspiration would envelope her, forming a barrier between the ‘real world’ and an infinite universe of creative concepts, enabling her to focus on and draw in the energy around her and then out-express it through the miracle of words. The result was many stories. Even as a very young child, SilverWing wrote many stories. SilverWing entered one of her stories, entitled “26 Letters” into a school writing contest. She didn’t win the contest, but, unlike all the other stories, even the winning one, SilverWing’s story was never returned to her despite the many times she asked for it. She saw the story again, however, in one of the many magazines she devoured; but the credited author’s name was that of a stranger. From this SilverWing took away an even greater prize than the coveted camera she had worked so hard to win; the prize of knowing that she was a very good writer and her work worthy of publishing..
In subsequent years, the responsibilities of life took SilverWing away from writing though she remained an avid reader. One day, while searching for something new to read, she realized that there was nothing new there; that although book covers changed, the content of the stories rarely did. Annoyed at what to her, seemed a boringly repetitive trend in mainstream fiction, SilverWing acquired a word processor and began writing her first full-length novel, "Cory-Discovery," a very, very different kind of book and the first in a new science fiction series that chronicles the Krons, an advanced, alien civilization. In need of a new home, they chose Earth.

Hopeful of becoming published, SilverWing, like most prospective writers, sought out established publishing houses, but was told her story had no value relevant to the current literary world and her manuscript had been rejected. Undaunted, SilverWing decided that, even if the world had no interest in her writings, she would still write, if only for herself. With that decision, SilverWing discovered that there was a myriad of stories in her heart, stories that had been repressed by life but were now clamoring to be born. What followed was an outpouring of creative energy that could not be denied. She lived to write; going to her job each day, then returning home, literally kicking off her shoes and writing all night.

During this time, the concept of Eternal Love manifested itself in the story of the Broken Doll. This gave birth to Ajah’s Kiss – The Chase, the Saga of the Eternals, her first series. But the flame for writing that burned so hotly within her had still not abated. SilverWing went to work on Black Viking and, after that, VampAngel.

By this time, Publishing Houses were mostly closed venues, which gave rise to self-publishing’ which consisted of shouldering your own printing expenses and then selling your work through various new companies and online powerhouses that claimed an exorbitant share of the profits for very little input. Basically, a new author printed and sold their own books. SilverWing decided to eliminate such an anemic middleman and introduce the world to the World Of The Eternals, and her other works by founding her own book company, Out Of The Ashes Publications, whose website you are currently browsing. You may be wondering, has SilverWing’s fire for writing finally died down? The answer is, not hardly! In fact, she is still so full of stories she anticipates she will be writing up to the moment she sets off on the ultimate adventure.

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