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A New World For The Vampire

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Listen To A New World For A Brand New Vampire

VampAngel - Birth

This is the audio companianment to VampAngel - Birth

The Synopsis:

Bram Stoker gave the world, Dracula, SilverWing gives the world, VampAngel. Not only is Jaayla Knight a brand new breed of vampire, but she lives in an entirely new world of vampires with entirely new rules. One of the most stringent of these rules is that no vampire should ever turn a Black person, never give them the Eternal gifts of Bloodkin. But Jaayla Kinght is Black. Turned by a rebellious vampire who, initially, cared not a moment for her fate, the new baby vampire must learn how to navigate her terrifyingly alien, new world’ cope with her new bloodlust and also, survive all the vampiric forces that will now come to destroy her. But, Jaayla is no ordinary vampire, because, unknown to her during her human life, she was never an ordinary human.

Discover why she is the first and only VampAngel. How long can Jaayla remain hidden from an army of enemies in the world of vampires? And when the ultimate battle comes, as it must, who will be victorious? Bloodkin or Vampangel?” "VampAngel – Birth" is available as an audio book, now, at

Behold the splendors of VampAngel," in "VampAngel - Birth," a bold, original, and gothic audiobook at
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Authored/Read By: SilverWing

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You've read in the pages of "VampAngel," the birth of a brand new vampire, the likes the world has never seen. Now it's time to meet Jaayla Knight all over again in the audiobook version, "VampAngel - Birth."

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