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Hear The Krons...a powerful species from beyond the sky

Cory - Discovery

This is the audio companianment to Cory - Discovery

The Synopsis:

The Krons need a new home...they have chosen Earth. But why Earth and for what reason? Kurtis is a successful author living in Montana, crashes his small, private plane while on a routine, pleasure flight. Was it a freak accident that caused the sudden violent storm: Or a preordained fate? Broken, bloody and near death, Kurtis meets an incredibly lovely young girl who immerses him in a blue light. He wakes up completely healed. But not on Earth as he knows it and with beings that he soon learns are not human. They are Krons.

Who are the Krons? What do they want? And what is Kurtis’ role in all of it? Discover all of this and more in the premiere book, “Discovery” of the audiobook series; Cory, The Coming of the Krons. Available soon at

Marvel at the awes and superhuman abilities of the Krons," in "Cory-Discovery," a bold, original, and captivating audiobook at Free Parking Books And More.
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Authored/Read By: SilverWing

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Did the meeting of the Krons leave you wanting more? Check out, "Cory - Discovery," the audiobook installment where you get to be in awe with the first encounter with the Krons, all over again.

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