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Sounds Of A Barbaric Epic

Listen To "Black Viking: The Trials Of King Dane"

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Divinity In The Form Of Man

Listen To "Black Viking-Trials Of King Dane"

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The Great One

Listen To "Black Viking-The Trails Of King Dane"

The sounds of Divinity In The Form Of man

Black Viking - The Trials Of King Dane

This is the audio companianment to Black Viking - The Trials Of King Dane

The Synopsis:

Divinity Takes The Form Of Man in the form of King Dane, The Black Viking. Dane is the son of King Arn the Fearless, one of the greatest of Viking kings and direct descendant of Odin, Dane was conceived by Arn with a Celestial Goddess, Kasaqa, who came to Erth and took the human form of an extremely powerful, Kush Priestess. In actuality a Demi-God, Dane is one of a kind...defined as The Great One, he is decreed by the Superior Gods to be the only man able to pass the formidable Trials of the Gods, put an end to the never ending war between the Kush and the Vikings and, in that supreme moment of victory, it is only he who will be worthy to declare which race of people shall rule the Erth, the Viking or the Kush.

Such a man will necessarily lead a very unique life full of challenges and hardships in preparation for the completion of his destiny. Step into a time before recorded time. Walk in the boots of King Dane the Invincible, from birth to his time of trial. It’s a fantastic journey that will leave you breathless and wishing that you, too, could be a part of the world of the Black Viking - a world of blood and brutality, but also of mystery and magic..

The Black Viking,"Divinity In The Form Of Man, is available as an audio book now. Visit
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Authored/Read By: SilverWing

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Listen To The Trials

Can't get enough of The Black Viking? Why not listen to the audiobook version. Experience "Divinity In The Form Of Man," experience King Dane - "The Black Viking."

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