Ajah's Kiss The Chase - Part One

This is the audio companianment to Ajah's Kiss - The Chase Part One

The Synopsis:

The Saga Of The Eternals hits full force with the spell-binding, premiere novel, "Ajah's Kiss - The Chase, Part One". In the first novel of the series, Prime Rogue Power, an extremely powerful prime from Foreverland, has come to Earth to find his forever, Eternal partner, Queen Breath, whose Earth identity is Ajah Arie Burton, a seemingly simple, ordinary, bookshop owner.

While attending the affairs of his recently deceased, beloved father, Sebastian's life mission and purpose explodes into crystal focus and priority, when his Prime essence becomes activated the moment he looks into the eyes of his eternal mate who is terrified of the love he has to offer.. And so the chase begins... As Sebastian commences a relentless pursuit of his Eternal’s affections, he soon discovers the true nature and greatness of the Eternals...and for the way they love. Before too long, Sebastian comes to know that both he and Ajah are extraordinary, even among Eternals. Ajah’s Kiss – The Chase, Part One is available at

Discover the wonders of The Eternals through the sounds of "Ajah's Kiss - The Chase Part One," a unique one of a kind audiobook that is coming soon to
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Authored/Read By: SilverWing

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You've read the breathtaking entre into The Saga Of The Eternals, and now it's time to relive the chase..."Ajah's Kiss - The Chase Part One," all over again in the audiobook version, "Ajah's Kiss - The Chase Part One."

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